One-On-One With Carrington Franklin; Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. & Daughter of Gospel Legend Kirk Franklin

One-On-One With Carrington Franklin; Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. & Daughter of Gospel Legend Kirk Franklin

Everyone who’s anyone has had the opportunity to be blessed by at least one, if not all, of Kirk Franklin’s new age gospel music.  His introduction of modern day gospel music has bridged the gap between traditional gospel and contemporary mainstream music.  His work has provided a Christian music alternative, which has made him a Gospel legend.  Fortunately, his influence impacted his daughter, Carrington Franklin, in a way in which she is now making a name for herself.   We caught up with this member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. to discuss what it has been like to be the daughter of a mogul, member of a divine nine organization, and a newlywed! Who is Carrington Franklin?  Where are you from?

“Formerly Franklin, now Nakwaasah.  I’m 27 years-old, a small business owner of Liz Kennedy Brand Management.  It is a boutique Public Relations and Branding firm based out of Dallas, TX.  I was born and raised in Arlington TX, currently a resident of Uptown Dallas.”

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

“My parents are definitely huge influences in my life. Individually, they've shown me what a man and a woman after God's own heart is supposed to look like. My mom, Tammy Franklin, is the definition of a lady. She's eloquent, slow to speak, quick to listen, kind-hearted, but will also let you have it [laughs]. She's gorgeous, yet humble and relatable. My pops, Kirk [laughs], well - it's a safe bet to say that everyone knows how much energy and passion he has - not only for his music and business, but for his family. Together, they are my blueprint of what my marriage should reflect. They're best friends; they’re embarrassingly silly together [laughs].  I'm so blessed to have them. “

How is it being the daughter of a gospel music icon?

“Icon, wow [laughs]. You know…after all the traveling, lights, cameras, award shows, and stages, at the end of the day, he's just my dad. He does the same annoying things that any dad does to his daughter [laughs]. I think it's easy for people to forget that he's just like them, human. At times, people have even forgotten that his family is human too, so growing up, I had a lot of unfair expectations placed on me just because of who my dad is and what he does for a living. Don't get me wrong, I'm so proud of what my dad has accomplished over the years, and more importantly how many lives he continues to reach. I'm just grateful that he's never let "fame" go to his head. He keeps the attention on God and his priorities in check.

Where did you cross? What organization did you cross and why?

“I crossed Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Baylor University, Unparalleled Pi Mu Chapter, Fall 10 (6Klu6).

Greek life is different on each yard, but most of the exceptional and influential women in my life are AKAs, including my Aunt.  So, I was bound to become a member myself. The Ks at Baylor were doing positive things in the Waco community.   They were all very intelligent women striving for greatness, and there was a certain standard of elegance and class - I wanted to be a part of that. Growing up, a lot of black girls were catty towards me, so my circle had always been very tight knit. In college, I decided I wanted to surround myself with like-minded women, and I believe that AKA and I were a good fit for each other.”

How life is after graduation, and what are you doing?

“I graduated from Baylor, in 2011, with a Bachelor in Journalism Public Relations. I went on to get my Masters in Mass Communication Management at Dallas Baptist University. As previously mentioned, I'm a small business owner as well as newly married. My life these days consists of balancing marriage and the demands of entrepreneurship. My husband, Maxx, is an accountant and I specialize in creative branding. We've been married for a whole 7 months now and we are just enjoying each other and looking forward to what God has in store for us.”

Congratulations on your wedding! What was it like?

“Thank you! Our wedding was a dream. We had a 20 piece string quartet and a 40-person choir: Anthony Evans, Jonathan McReynolds, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, a ceremony surprise by Brian McKnight, and Chrisette Michele sang our first dance and had a beautiful set at our reception. So musically, it was flat out amazing. Music's a big part of my life so I needed that perfected, and dad came through [laughs]. My mom came down the aisle to Brian McKnight's "Still in Love," so when selecting my music, I immediately knew that I wanted the same song. I just didn't expect to see THE Brian McKnight when I reached the end of the aisle with my dad. Thug tears were almost shed [laughs].  My husband and I are so thankful for our family and friends coming out to support us on our special day. The highlight for a lot of people was or daddy-daughter dance [laughs].  For a glimpse of our wedding, you can visit:”

We wish nothing but the best to Carrington as she continues to succeed in her professional career & being a loving wife to her husband, Maxx.

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